Day 29: Mollydooker The Boxer 2008 Shiraz Australia

I’ve been known to appreciate a good Shiraz/Syrah in my day, and this wine certainly follows that mindset. Mollydooker is an Australian Shiraz that I was introduced to by an uncle of mine who promised me that I’d really enjoy it.

Let’s just say that he wasn’t lying. Mollydooker is a light to medium bodied Shiraz. The nose is enticing in a sweet and strong way that hints at the full bouquet to come. The color, too, is intense and strikes me as a deep cherry. The flavor follows suit as as a complex hybrid of both dark and light fruits with an emphasis on the former. I’d say there is a hint of spice on the front end, and the back ends oh so smoothly.

Mollydooker is probably the best-tasting shiraz that I’ve had to date. Luckily, I have a very knowledgeable Uncle who was introduced me to a few great wines. Mollydooker: A


  1. Hi Huntting,
    Thanks so much for the write up on the 2008 Boxer! It is a wine that certainly ‘packs a punch’ (excuse the pun).We are so glad to hear you enjoy it and we would love to have you on our Mollydooker Mates list. Just send us your email and we will keep you updated on news and special offers. Keep on ‘dookering – The Mollydooker team

  2. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, we would love to feature your blog on our first hand comments page on our website. If there is anything you would like us to remove, just let us know. – Cheers!

    • @Mollydooker Wines — feel free to use my posts on your website. I write them mainly for myself, but I’d be happy for others to benefit from them as well. Also, thank YOU for crafting such a great wine. I really loved the 2008 Boxer!

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